Our Product List 

This part of the site gives a full listing of all the products available for purchase as a custom product.


Sizes: S to XXL.



  • Basic T-Shirt - Colours: White, Ash, Grey, Stone Green, Gold, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink.
  • Basic T-Shirt DARK - Colours: Black, Dark Grey, Brown, Forest Green, Navy, Maroon.
  • Ringer - Colours: White/Black, White/Red, White/Blue, Grey/Navy, Grey/Royal Blue, Grey/Red, Grey/Black, Blue/Navy.
  • Long Sleeved - Colours: White, Black, Grey, Dark Grey, Stone Green, Natural, Brown, Navy.
  • Hooded Top - Colours: White, Grey, Dark Grey, Black, Navy..
  • Polo Shirt - Colours: White, Grey.
  • Long Sleeved Raglan - Colours: White/Black, White/Navy, Tan/Brown, Light Blue/Navy.
  • 3/4 Sleeved Raglan - Colours: White/Black, White/Red, White/Blue, Grey/Black.


  • Baby Doll (Fitted) - Colours: 
  • Petite Classic - Colours: White, Grey, Black, Army, Brown, Navy, Baby Blue, Pale Blue, Red, Lime, Pink, Yellow.
  • Ringer - White/Black, White/Red, White/Baby Blue, White/Green, White/Pink, White/Yellow, White/Navy.
  • Long Sleeve - Colours: White, Baby Blue, Pink.
  • 3/4 Sleeved Raglan - Colours: White/Black, White/Navy, White/Baby Blue, White/Pink.
  • Hooded Top - Colours: White, Baby Blue.
  • Spaghetti Strap Top - Colours: White, Baby Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Lime.


  • Infant T-Shirt - Colours: White, Grey, Light Blue, Pink, Yellow.
  • Infant Long Sleeved - Colours: White, Light Blue, Pink.
  • Creeper - Colours: White, Pink, Light Blue, Grey, Yellow.
  • Organic Creeper - Colours: Natural.


  • Regular T-Shirt - Colours: White, Light Blue, Yellow, Mint, Pink, Ash.
  • Ringer - Colours: Pink/Royal Blue, Light Blue/Navy.
  • Long Sleeved - Colours: White, Ash, Pink, Light Blue.


  • Classic T-Shirt - Colours: White, Ash, Grey, Light Blue, Lime, Natural, Orange, Yellow, Pink.
  • Long Sleeved - Colours: White, Grey.
  • Hooded Top - Colours: White, Grey.
  • Ringer - Colours: White/Black, White/Blue, White/Red, Grey/Black.
  • Girls Ringer - Colours: White/Pink, White/Baby Blue, White/Black.


Trucker Cap - Colours: White/Black, White/Red, White/Blue, White/Pink, White/Green, White/Yellow, White/Navy, White/Maroon, Tan/Brown, Yellow, White, Khaki.


  • Standard Apron - Colours: White, Yellow, Khaki.
  • Long Apron - Colours: White, Yellow, Khaki.
  • Kids Apron - Colours: White, Yellow, Khaki.


Any colour - Tiled Image.

Other Products

Greeting Cards

Any design - Any Greeting - Any occasion.
Size - Vertical: 5" x 7"
Size - Horizontal: 7" x 5"

Ultra-heavyweight (120#) card stock with a gloss finish. Printed with a unique process that imparts a rich depth of imagery and an almost 3D-like effect. Each card comes with a matching envelope.


All mugs are 325ml.
  • Classic - Colours: White.
  • Ringer - Colours: White/Black, White/Yellow, White/Hunter Green, White/Maroon, White/Navy Blue, White/Powder Blue.
  • Two-Tone - Colours: White/Black, White/Yellow, White/Hunter Green, White/Maroon, White/Navy Blue, White/Pink.
  • Morphing Heat Sensitive (Image Appears With Heat.) - White/Black, White/Blue.


Round. Scratch resistant.
Small or Large.
Small, 3.8 Cm (sheet of 20)
Large, 7.6 Cm (sheet of 6)


  • Round - Small (3.2cm), Medium (5.7cm), Large (7.6cm).
  • Square - 5.1cm.

Button Badges


Small 3.2 Cm (£1.45)
Standard 5.7 Cm (£1.95)
Large 7.6 Cm (£2.45)
Huge 10.2 Cm (£2.95)
Colossal 15.2 Cm (£4.95)



Key Chains

5.7cm round keychains.


  • Cloth cover is dust and stain resistant
  • Non-slip backing keeps your mouse moving while the mousepad stays in place
  • 23.5cm x 19.7cm

Premium Items

No, don't worry. This doesn't mean they are extortionate prices. This just means that these items are a little more fancy than the above products. All the products listed below are harder to make and so they will actually take a little longer to arrive that the regular items above.

(Please allow up to 6 weeks for arrival on all Premium Items!)

Custom Skins

Yes, you heard correct. We do custom skins. The following list contains everything we make.

All skins are made from a thin, tough, flexible vinyl covering. The skin will go over top of your equipment. It is easy to apply and easy to remove, with no residue.


  • XBox 360
  • XBox 360 Controller
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Nintendo DS I
  • Playstation 2
  • Playstation 3
  • PSP
  • PSP Slim


  • Ipod Video
  • Ipod Shuffle
  • Ipod Shuffle 2
  • Ipod Nano
  • Ipod Nano 2
  • Ipod Nano 2008
  • Ipod Mini
  • Ipod 3G
  • Ipod 4G


  • Tamagotchi
  • Tamagotchi V4
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