Yes, you guessed it. This is our frequently asked questions section. Here you can find all the normal kinds of things people ask us and get answers. However, if you don't find it here, please feel free to submit your question using the message box below.

So, Axel ISN'T a guy?

Haha! No. She is female. A lot of peopke make this mistake, so don't worry. Axel Alloy is actually the name of a female sniper from an old anime from the 1980's called 'Doonys'. She just happens to be one of her all time favorite characters.

What's the deal with the site name?

Axel's sense of humour is the result of the title of the site, I'm afraid. She likes to have a laugh as much as possible.

Custom art? Does that mean I can just give you an image to put on things?

As long as it's your work and you can prove it's your work, yes. We do not accept ANY images taken from other sites, or official images of any kind, so don't bother trying.

How do I pay you guys?

Paypal ONLY. We do not accept credit cards, direct bank transfers or cheques.

How long does it take from order to shipment?

It all depends on what you order and the 'Creation Status' of Axel. (Located on the main page.) If you order a number of items with different designs, or a single item with a really complex design, it will take longer than if you order a simple design on, say for arguments sake, a keyring. You have to remember that Axel only has 2 hands and, more than likely, a whole heap of orders to get through.

Do you provide product insurance?

No. However, we do offer a full refund should the product not arrive. (Subject to terms.)

Can my item be gift wrapped?

Yes it can. This is at an extra charge though. (£1.50.)

Can my item be sent to another address and the invoice to my address?

Yes, but be sure to request this as soon as you place your order. Once ordered, this can not be changed!

If I place multiple orders, say... A day after each other... Will they arrive at once?

This can be arranged. However, you must take into account that all items come back to Axel from the printers separately, so you will have to wait until all the items are within her posession before she can dispatch if you do not want to recieve them separately.

What's 'Auntie Axel'?

Auntie Axel is one of Axel's projects. It's an Agony Aunt (Advice) service. For more information, visit the 'Other Services' section and click on the 'Auntie Axel' button.

Where are you based?

We are based in the midlands, UK.

How long has the site been going? 

Since the beginning of 2009, but not hosted here.

Do you have a list of products?

Yes we do. Feel free to view them HERE.

Axel draws the artwork for the products?

Yes, she does. You tell her what you want, she draws it and sticks it on your chosen product(s).

What sort of art is not allowed to be requested on products?

Any of the following will not be accepted:

  • Strong sexual themes (Pornography.)
  • Graphic nudity
  • Strong violence and graphic gore
  • Child Porn/Abuse
  • Animal abuse (Unless it's an anti-cruelty request.)
  • Images of a racist nature

Where do you ship to?

Pretty much most places. The best thing to do is email us using our enquiry form HERE.

What shipment do you use?

Standard delivery, or recorded depending on where the product is being shipped to.

So, how does the process work?

The moment you place your order, Axel starts working. (Unless there's a queue.) The concept will be drawn up and she will send you 3 samples which you can choose from. After you pick the art you are happy with and say what you want changing, Axel draws the final version. This will be sent to you (Obviously watermarked for security. We wouldn't want you nicking off with it without paying, would we?) before being slapped on your product. The product is then ordered from the printers and is then sent to Axel. (Arrival usually takes around a week to a week and a half.) Afterwards, the product is wrapped (Gift wrapped if requested - Extra charge.), posted and an email sent to make you aware of it's shipment. Proof eceipt can be requested. (International orders ONLY. IE: Outside of the UK.)

My friends birthday is next week! Can you make something for it!?

Er... That's a little too soon. I very much doubt the product will even reach US in that time.

I don't really want to order a product... Can I donate money straight to you?

Yes. You can find the 'Donate' button on the 'Our Customers' page.

I just want to commission a piece of art, can I do that?

Yes you can. You can find commission information, along with prices, on the 'Other Services' page.
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